moaning of life


A second child was born to a family from Laos. People from the dorm were gathering to celebrate with the couple in the park nearby. A picnic-like atmosphere was created in half an hour, with foods and drinks, laughter and songs.

And I think to myself,” Why,this is just fucking annoying.”

What are they celebrating about? That poor sod! The things he will have to go through competing for a share of the world’s resources. Only a group of lunatics would celebrate such a tragedy. Don’t we have enough people already? Why more?

Cities are growing taller with nowhere to spread. People are being squeezed inside bird cages, with walls so thin, you can hear your neighbour’s intimate,midnight conversations.  And yet we are popping babies out one after another.

I don’t get why people want to have children in the first place. Sex, I get. But why reproduction? I find thinking about pregnancy rather revolting.


I was looking at news from China and they have this one-child policy.  I read that it has prevented some 400 million births since 1970. Some people have criticised it on grounds of human rights, hefty fines, etc.

But hey! It works you know.

I read somewhere that if all the world’s people were to live the American life, then we would need 4 more Earths. It’s clear that we don’t have the resources to provide a good life to everybody. Then what are we celebrating about? What do we say to the baby? “Welcome kid, to a mildly satisfying life.”

I think we have got this the wrong way round:We should mourn a life and celebrate a death.

I once heard some sort of a buddhist monk telling his followers a story.A child was born and the first thing he said was,

Oh no! Not again!

I believe the kid in the dorm was feeling something similar.


Beep beep boop….Now what?!


I want to write….I-want-to-write. Why? I don’t really know. I have always imagined myself to be sitting in front of a typewriter(old movie nostalgia), pouring out my thoughts furiously yet elegantly like some master pianist producing his melodies effortlessly through his keys…

Well, it turns out it is not that easy.

Writing,as I am just realizing, requires a lot of effort.We are a generation of listeners and speakers,mostly speakers. Writing requires an intensity far greater than that which is generally seen in other forms of self expression.Consider when you prepare a speech.First you write it down. Then rehearse with it. Maybe you record yourself and find some error. Then you go back to your text to correct it. After some time, your speech draft has taken more abuse from those red and green markers than your underwear which you haven’t changed in a week.

There needs to be a structure in writing,even when it is just some mindless babble.It feels like the process of writing words has a supernatural law of drudgery attached to it.

It’s like the Supreme Being is saying,

“Oh well well. Siri! I see you have mistaken yourself to be a creature worthy of some free-willed opinion.There,let me present to you,the writing system. Now slog over those papers.”

Writing looks so primitive,so…….old. Or maybe it’s just me.