What is mediocrity? It is the vast majority of humanity. It is you. It is me.

Mediocrity is the absence of greatness.Being completely unremarkable.

It is contrary to what we are made to believe we are, not realizing

That giving in to such delusions is also pretty mediocre.

Read the works of those towering philosophers,

Upon whose wisdom our civilization stands, from whose arguments, we discover, justice, laws and ethics.

Or listen about the lives of souls like Buddha, who attained enlightenment,

Or the great scientists, artists and poets, who guided our perception about the nature of the world.


Where do you stand amongst them? Do you stand there, up high where they rest.?

You don’t. Most don’t. But then again, why should you?

The question is not what have you done but, what is being asked of you.

Nothing. Nothing at all. A civilization asks nothing of a man.

A man is simply born and has to fend for himself, or die.

So he does what is necessary to survive. Does the job that gets him by.

To be mediocre is to survive. The rest is mere ideology, makes little sense.

Excellence and greatness are like illusions that few men would reach,

For the rest, there is futility,that is the only reality

when did man ask from anyone to be condemned to these gallows?

So walk on, there is no shame in mediocrity,no better can even be demanded of you.